Brazil Days #4 and #5 – Transit Birding

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Yesterday we left the Pantanal towards the second leg of our trip. We spent the day along the Transpantaneira road that connect Porto Jofre with Pocone.

It was nice to experience some open habitats – vast wetlands and cerrado.

We picked up a few birds and mammals along the road:

Rhea – what an odd bird

Red-legged Seriema

Scarlet-headed Blackbird

Maguari Stork

Sunbittern – still didn’t get the perfect shot

Black-tailed Marmoset

A short boat trip out of Pixaim did not produce the much-wanted Agami Heron often seen there, but there were some other birds (eBird checklist here) and mammals to be seen.

Jabiru head detail

Howler Monkey – which version is better?

We arrived in Cuiaba in the afternoon, said goodbye to Fernando and finally connected with our lost luggage. Today we took an early morning flight back to Sao Paulo, and met up with Marco our guide. We got a good introduction to Atlantic Forest birding at Salesopolis. Despite the horrible midday hour and heat, we scored with the recently discovered and

Critically Endangered

Sao Paulo (AKA Marsh) Antwren. We saw a male and a female, and heard another male. These are top-quality birds. Sadly my photos are not. They were not easy to photograph, and the light conditions were awful.

Sao Paulo Antwren – female

There were quite a few birds in the marsh and neighbouring forest – obviously most were new to us, so I photographed what I could, for documentation, despite the terrible quality:

Shear-tailed Gray Tyrant

Yellow-legged Thrush

Pale-bellied Thrush and Glittering-bellied Emerald

Fawn-breasted Tanager

Double-collared Seedeater

Then it was a loooooong drive through crazy holiday traffic to our accommodation for the next few nights, in Ubatuba county. Good night.

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Yoav Perlman

Yoav Perlman

I have been birding since the age of 9, and from the age of 15 I started working professionally in birding. I have been working for the Israeli Ornithological Center since 1998. I was a member of the Israeli rarities committee between 2001 – 2007. I have an MSc in Ecology from the Ben Gurion University. I did my research on the ecology of Nubian Nightjars in Israel, and spent hundreds of nights with these fascinating birds. I lead tours in Israel, and especially focus on Nubian Nightjars obviously. I traveled and birded Asia extensively, and also Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and North America. I am married to my lovely wife Adva and father to two sons – Uri and Noam, and one daughter – Libby. Currently I live in Norwich, where I am starting a PhD project at UEA.

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