Unlucky Pets || Funny Compilation

Top 16 most unlucky pets who could use a four leaf clover on St. Patrick’s Day.

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Original Links:
French Bulldog Can’t Reach Ball on Sofa Cushion
Fat Cat Tries to Squeeze through Cat Door

French Bulldog Can’t Get Up

Owner Finds Dog Standing and Stuck Between Sofa Cushions

Little Kitten Can’t Jump

Dog Doesn’t Want to Get out of Bed

Bird Steals Food out of Another Bird’s Mouth

Cat & Dog are Best Friends

Two Hamsters Spinning on a Wheel

Dog Falls in Pool Trying to Catch Lizard

Cat Falls Off Cat Tower

Cocker Spaniel Can’t Figure out How to Get Ball from Chair

Cat Slips on Rug Trying to Jump on Table

Black Cat Annoys Comfortable Dog

Puppy Sad when Dog Steals Her Bone

French Bulldog Can’t Reach Ball on Sofa Cushion

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